We’ve designed and constructed hundreds of cofferdams, with virtually every geometry and level of complexity imaginable: cofferdams for storage tanks, bridge foundations, building foundations, dams, elevator pits, intake and outlet structures, jacking pits and receiving pits. We perform most cofferdam and excavation support design in-house, which allows us to tailor each design to the project and to our customers’ needs. It also gives us the flexibility to react quickly and effectively if unanticipated conditions are encountered during construction.

Projects Including Cofferdams

Merrimack River Water Intake Structure

Owner: Pennichuck Water Service Corporation Partner: Kingsbury Companies Type: Infrastructure Support Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire Project Description: For this project, H.B. Fleming installed three cofferdams on land for junction structure, as well as interconnected piping and a wet well. In the water we installed a trestle for crane access to the river and a 200-foot-long…


Dartmouth College

Owner: Dartmouth College Partner: Turner Construction Type: Institutional Construction Location: Hanover, New Hampshire Project Description: H.B. Fleming installed 1,000 feet of shoring to support construction of a parking garage three stories below grade, with an engineering and science hall to be built on top. The project entailed driving 70-foot-long sections of sheet pile around the…


Hydro-Kennebec Upstream Fish Passage

Owner: Brookfield Renewable Partners Partner: Bancroft Contracting Corp. Location: Waterville, Maine Project Overview: Designed and Installed a cellular cofferdam to assist the construction of a new fish passage. The cofferdam consisted of five major cells with a diameter of 29’ and four minor cells with a diameter of 21’. All nine cells were backfilled with +/- 5500 cu.yds…


Falmouth Pump Station

Owner: Town of Falmouth Partner: Apex Construction Location: Falmouth, Maine Project Overview: Designed and installed a cofferdam to support an excavation depth of +/- 24’, which included +/- 15’ in bedrock.  The cofferdam supported the excavation with internal bracing and pin pile drilled into ledge.