IDEXX Laboratories Expansion

Owner: IDEXX Laboratories Partner: PC Construction  Location: Westbrook, Maine Project Overview:  Drove (239) HP12x53 & HP10x42 piles to support the new building expansion pile cap & grade beam foundation. Utilized our RTG 19T rig to initially install the piles to bedrock. Drove all bearing piles to their ultimate capacities with a diesel impact hammer.

Conley Freight Terminal

Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority Partner: SPS New England Location: Boston, Massachusetts Project Overview: Drove (36) 30” OD x 1” thick pipe piles, mainly from a barge, to construct the bridge foundations spanning the Reserved Channel. Installed (18) 20” diameter pipe piles for the new bridge abutments on each side of the Reserved Channel. Constructed various excavation support structures…

L.L. Bean Corporate Offices

Owner: L.L. Bean Partner: Zachau Construction Type: Helical Piles & H-Piles Location: Freeport, Maine Project Description: Converted warehouse space into executive offices by adding a mid-story.  Challenge: The existing building was pile-supported, and additional piles were required to support the added load of a mid-story. And, the piles had to be installed inside the warehouse…

Seaside Avenue Seawall Replacement

Owner: Four Homeowners Location: Saco, Maine Project Overview:  Acquired State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection Coastal Sand Dune permit(s) per chapter 355: Coastal Sand Dune Rules and Town of Saco permits. Completed replacement of an existing 630’ wooden sea wall with a steel sheet pile sea wall. Before After Before After Before After

H. B. Fleming at Shipyard site


Owner: Bateman Partners Partner: Allied/Cook Type: Excavation Support & Pile Driving Location: Portland, Maine Project Description: For this massive, 2.5-acre urban development project, H.B. Fleming designed and installed 17 cofferdams, 500 H-Piles, and seven rock anchors. Challenge: The site was underlain by notoriously unpredictable, soft Presumpscot clay, and the deepest cut had to be 30…