The majority of our work involves cranes. We currently have 12 crawler cranes with capacities ranging from 30 to 110 tons, and a wide range of support equipment, including:

  • Nine diesel impact hammers, with rated energies ranging from 30,000 ft-lb to 90,000 ft-lb
  • Drop-hammer and air-operated impact hammers
  • Nine vibratory drivers/extractors with driving forces ranging from 50 to 100 tons
  • Numerous sets of fixed and swinging box-style hammer leads

We have four excavators than can be fitted with high-torque drive motors for installing helical piles and soil anchors.

We own eight hydraulic drive motors with varying torque ratings to accommodate a broad range of pile/anchor sizes and configurations.

Our drilling equipment currently consists of a Soilmec SR-65, Soilmec SR-30 and a REVDrill 34HD. We have several pieces of drill tooling and casing, along with an array of drilling support equipment.

Our ground improvement work is centered around our Bauer/RTG RG 19T pile driver with telescopic leader. The RG 19T is outfitted with a powerful, high-frequency variable moment vibratory hammer and a patented, VIPAC mandrel system that can be configured for use with stone columns or rigid inclusions. This machine can also be used to install sheet piles or H-piles in an extremely productive manner.

We keep our people and our equipment moving with a small army of trucks and trailers. We own two heavy truck/tractors, two lowbed trailers, several flat deck trailers, and numerous service trucks, rack trucks, and pickup trucks. We also maintain a large inventory of sheet piles, casing, H-pile, and pipe pile.