H. B. Fleming excavaction/support at Dartmouth

Owner: Dartmouth College

Partner: Turner Construction

Type: Institutional Construction

Location: Hanover, New Hampshire

Project Description: H.B. Fleming installed 1,000 feet of shoring to support construction of a parking garage three stories below grade, with an engineering and science hall to be built on top. The project entailed driving 70-foot-long sections of sheet pile around the perimeter of the proposed structure using a suspended vibro hammer and mast-mounted vibratory pile hammer. Once the pile was in, we started excavation and installed 1,000 soil anchors. The freestanding support we built enabled Turner to form the walls at full height and pour the concrete faster, without any bracing to interfere.

Challenge: Provide deep earth support for a large structure within a tight, four-month timeframe.

Solution: Our design-build solution took on the challenge of installing oversized sheet piles, up to a depth of 62 feet. While this method was more difficult from an engineering perspective, the time it saved enabled us to meet an aggressive schedule.


Below is the latest image taken from the site. Click the play button to see a time lapse from start to finish.