When space and/or sensitivity to noise and vibration are a concern, we frequently use helical piles. Helical piles can be installed very close to existing structures and with minimal headroom, which makes them an appealing solution for retrofit or expansion work. They’re available in multiple sizes to accommodate a broad range of capacities. They can be installed in a variety of configurations to suit specific soil and rock conditions. And they can be modified to accommodate specific loading conditions, including uplift and lateral loads. We also have the ability to verify pile working capacity in real time with a digital torque meter.

Projects Including Helical Piles

L.L. Bean Corporate Offices

Owner: L.L. Bean Partner: Zachau Construction Type: Helical Piles & H-Piles Location: Freeport, Maine Project Description: Converted warehouse space into executive offices by adding a mid-story.  Challenge: The existing building was pile-supported, and additional piles were required to support the added load of a mid-story. And, the piles had to be installed inside the warehouse…