Micropiles have a small diameter and are drilled through soil and/or rock and reinforced with a high-strength, grouted bar. Micropiles piles can be fully cased, partially cased, or uncased, depending on the soil and rock conditions. This foundation type creates very little vibration and noise compared to traditional pile driving and can be used in sites with limited access, achieving very high capacities in compression and tension. 

Projects Including Micropile and Rock Anchors

Brick Market, 60 Penhallow Street

Owner: McNabb Properties Partner: Severino Trucking Type: Excavation Support Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire Project Description: Installed 450 linear feet of shoring for a 25-foot excavation; installed and tested 59, 85-kip-capacity soil anchors; installed and tested 18, 85-kip-capacity rock anchors. Challenge: Plans for the proposed building called for excavating up to 20 feet below the bedrock…