Owner: Mountain View Yacht Club

Location: Gilford, New Hampshire

Project Overview: Designed and installed multiple sections of a new sheet pile bulkhead system.


Since 2003, H.B. Fleming has worked with Mountain View Yacht Club (MVYC) on a series of projects as part of an ongoing effort to upgrade their bulkhead system. The system generally consists of a concrete gravity wall, portions of which had deteriorated over time to the point that collapse was a concern.


We developed a bulkhead system that consists of tied-back, coated steel sheet piles and a coated steel channel cap. This approach allows the wall system to be flexible, while matching the existing wall alignment. By using steel sheet piles and a steel cap, providing openings for utilities and attaching docks and brackets is easy and reliable.

Other MVYC Projects:

  • Designed and installed a pedestrian/golf cart bridge.

  • Designed and constructed a negative lift launch basin that incorporates a pile-supported boat-lift travel way.

  • Installed piles to support a newly-renovated and relocated office building.

  • Maintenance dredging for a sediment basin on the property.