Since 1955, H.B. Fleming has driven tens of thousands of piles in all kinds of soil conditions. That experience and a full range of impact and vibratory hammers give us the ability to install piles virtually anywhere. We routinely drive piles for bridges, commercial and residential buildings, dams, retaining walls, crane ways, and treatment plants.

We specialize in driving piles inside existing structures and in other highly restricted spaces. When we’re working in areas that are particularly sensitive to noise, vibration, or lateral clearances, we have the ability to pre-drill for piles.

Projects Including Pile Driving

Phase III West Lynn Sewer Separation

Owner: Lynn Water and Sewer Commission Partner: Methuen Construction Location: Lynn, Massachusetts Project Description: HB Fleming constructed five cofferdams to allow construction of a new pump station along with launching/receiving pits for a micro-tunneling operation. We drove 150 piles to support the new pump station. Challenge: The project required excavating 40 feet deep in soft…


Perrigo Test Pile Program

Owner: PBM Nutritionals LLC Partner: PC Construction Location: Georgia, Vermont Project Description: HB Fleming drove 12 test piles at four different locations using high-strain dynamic testing. We also designed and performed a static load test with a maximum test load of 1,050,000 lbs. Challenge: We were asked to evaluate potential foundations for a proposed manufacturing…


IDEXX Laboratories Expansion

Owner: IDEXX Laboratories Partner: PC Construction  Location: Westbrook, Maine Project Overview:  Drove (239) HP12x53 & HP10x42 piles to support the new building expansion pile cap & grade beam foundation. Utilized our RTG 19T rig to initially install the piles to bedrock. Drove all bearing piles to their ultimate capacities with a diesel impact hammer.


Conley Freight Terminal

Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority Partner: SPS New England Location: Boston, Massachusetts Project Overview: Drove (36) 30” OD x 1” thick pipe piles, mainly from a barge, to construct the bridge foundations spanning the Reserved Channel. Installed (18) 20” diameter pipe piles for the new bridge abutments on each side of the Reserved Channel. Constructed various excavation support structures…