Owner: University of Southern Maine

Partner: PC Construction

Type: Ground Improvement, Rock Anchors

Location: Portland, Maine

Project Description: For this project, HB Fleming installed 24 rock anchors with a design load of 206 kips in tension, 378 rigid inclusions with a design load of 106 kips in compression, 106 stone columns with a design load of 46 kips in compression, and 73 augur-cast-in-place piles with a design load of 85 kips in compression and 39 kips in tension. 

Challenge: The site required a design-build foundation to support loads from an 8-story building. Ground conditions varied from exposed bedrock to 35 feet of soft soils across the site.

Solution: A combination of rock anchors, stone columns, rigid inclusions, and auger-cast-in-place piles were used to handle the varying site conditions and provide an economical design.