H.B. Fleming has installed underwater intake and outlet lines for a number of customers. Our ability to perform much of the ancillary work in addition to the piping work makes us uniquely suited to these projects. We can design and install any cofferdams needed; we can perform long-reach excavation and backfilling with our cranes; and we can design and construct work platforms and access trestles for our equipment, as well as other subcontractors’.

Projects Including Subaqueous Pipelines

Merrimack River Water Intake Structure

Owner: Pennichuck Water Service Corporation Partner: Kingsbury Companies Type: Infrastructure Support Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire Project Description: For this project, H.B. Fleming installed three cofferdams on land for junction structure, as well as interconnected piping and a wet well. In the water we installed a trestle for crane access to the river and a 200-foot-long…